Embrace the power of our planet and enhance your well-being, one bottle at a time.

Quality over quantity.

We juice by the order to ensure quality and freshness in every nutrient packed bottle.

Many cold-pressed juices lose the majority of their nutrional value after 24-48 hours. Fresh is important for the most effective nurtritional boost.

No added sugar & no preservatives. Just fresh, dense, raw fruits and veggies.

A tribute to our planet...

Our way of paying homage to Earth and the power of it's natural healing resources. We believe sharing resources, experiences, and best-practices is the best way to enhance your well-being. Our contribution being delicious boosters, smoothies, bowls and juices, each recipe is full of it's own unique benefits.

Capital Cold Press is currently serving Ottawa/Gatineau and surrounding areas. All delivery orders must be placed 48 hours in advance for local delivery. Pick-up orders may vary.

We encourage you to email us. We would love to help find the perfect juice for you!

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