What is cold-pressed juice?

Cold-pressed is a healthier juicing alternative than traditional juicing. The process involves no heat or oxygen. Our juice is made using a hydraulic press which uses pressure to extract the most nutrient-dense elixirs.

Who should juice cleanse?

Anyone wishing to detox their body from harmful toxins & reset their gut should consider our one day juice detox. Our juice detox is safe and efficient for breaking unhealthy habits and motivating to make healthy changes.

Who should NOT juice cleanse?

Anyone with diabetes, undergoing kidney disease or is pregnant, should avoid juice cleansing. Avoid juice cleansing on a busy day, try to dedicate this day to a relaxing self-care day.

What are the side-effects when cleansing?

Common side-effects may be cravings and fatigue. If experiencing headache or dizziness, drink water and/or herbal teas to stay hydrated. Consider a small snack like vegetable broth or raw nuts if necessary.

Is my juice supposed to separate?

Yup ! No need to worry, that is called natural sediment and is how you can tell you're getting real cold-pressed juice. Give it a good shake and enjoy !

How long does my juice last?

5 days. Since we don't use additives or preservatives we recommend you drink our juices within five days for the best experience. Fresh is always better, plus the sooner you consume the more nutrient-dense.

I cleansed. Now what ?

Your body has worked hard to remove harmful toxins and reset a healthy gut. What you eat after cleansing will be just as important as the cleanse itself. Now that your body has detoxed you must maintain healthy habits.