Ottawa Loves Cold-Pressed Juice & Smoothies

Ottawa Loves Cold-Pressed Juice & Smoothies

By Matthew Racine

Ottawa Loves Cold-Pressed Juice & Smoothies

Ottawa's Newest Superfood Smoothie and Juice Bar


On September 17th we opened our doors at 1000 Wellington West Street West, Unit 104, Ottawa. We are still in shock with the amount of support and recognition we have been receiving. 

As we prepare for the holidays, we are also working hard on new recipes and practices which target the winter blues, like our new cleanse "The Reset".

Juicing and cleansing is highly beneficial throughout the Winter season in Canada. Many nutrients and vitamins which are much more difficult to intake during the winter can be consumed through our nutrient-dense cold-press juices. 

"The Reset" cleanse includes five cold-press juices, one detox booster shot, and two superfood smoothies. Proven to boost energy levels, boost immunity, and is easy to digest. 

Looking to boost immunity, detox the body, or kickstart a health journey? Look no further then "The Reset'" Cleanse. Now available on