Eazy Green - 370ml

Eazy Green - 370ml

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Cold pressed with all natural, fresh, and raw ingredients.


 Cucumber, Apple, Kale, Lemon, and Ginger.


No preservatives. No sugar added.

Shake well and keep refrigerated. Consume within 3-5 days.

Calories / 123


Cucumber - Hydrates and boosts energy. Rich in antioxidants and B vitamins which help detox/cleanse the body.

Lemon - Boosts immune system. Improves skin, hair, and mood. Detoxifies the liver, kidneys, and blood.

Apple - Improves digestion, vision, skin, and hair quality.

Ginger - Gingerol, the key element in raw ginger is rich in antioxidants which help reduce pain and stress. Ginger also supports good gut health and aids digestion. 

Kale - Boosts immune system. Supports bone health. Promotes healthy skin.